Spin Kithchen & Catering

11492 N Ventura Ave Ojai, CA 93023





Soup, chicken vegetable or vegetarian vegetable: small 4.50......large 6.50

Bruschetta ai Pomodori, toasted bread w/tomatoes, garlic & basil…6.95

Crostini ai Funghi, toasted bread w/sautéed mushrooms & parmesan..7.95

Artichokes & Fries, served w/lemon-caper aioli & marinara sauce…8.95

Calamari & Fries, served with lemon-caper aioli & marinara sauce..…10.95

Shrimp & Fries, served with lemon-caper aioli & marinara sauce..…12.95

(all dressings are homemade, we serve organic lettuce, local when available)

House Salad, lettuce mix & fresh tomato w/choice of homemade dressing,
(ranch, caesar, dijon or spicy chili):   reg. 5.50 .....large 8.50

Wild Arugula Salad, arugula & parmesan w/choice of homemade dressing,
(ranch, caesar, dijon or spicy chili):    reg. 6.50 .....large 9.50

Mira Monte Caesar Salad, romaine lettuce, tossed in Caesar dressing,
homemade croutons & parmesan:  reg. 6.50 .....large 9.50

Valley Salad, spinach tossed in dijon vinaigrette, with roasted butternut
squash, sunflower seeds & parmesan:    reg. 6.95 .....large 9.95

Ojai Orchard Salad, lettuce mix, tossed in spicy chili vinaigrette, w/local citrus,
avocado, cilantro & red onion:   reg. 6.95 .....large 9.95

Casitas Salad, spinach, tossed w/dijon vinaigrette, marinated artichokes,
Gorgonzola, bacon & balsamic reduction:   reg. 6.95 .....large 9.95

Spartan Salad, romaine lettuce tossed in spicy chili vinaigrette, w/tomato,
cucumber, basil, red onion, olives & goat cheese:   reg. 7.95 .....large 11.95

Matilija Salad, lettuce mix, tossed in ranch dressing, eggplant, bellpepper, zucchini,
jalapeno, goat cheese & sunflower seeds:   reg. 7.95 .....large 11.95

Cal-Italian Salad, arugula tossed in dijon vinaigrette, w/fresh mozzarella,
tomatoes & avocado, w/fresh basil pesto:    reg. 8.95 .....large 12.95

Solimar Salad, arugula tossed in dijon vinaigrette, with sautéed shrimp, avocado,
red onion, cucumber & goat cheese:   reg. 9.95 .....large 14.95

Avocado al Salmone Salad, half an avocado,w/salmon & caper aioli served over
lettuce mix, tossed in dijon vinaigrette:    reg. 9.95 .....large 14.95

Panino Sandwiches
(all Sandwiches served on Ciabatta bread with choice of side salad or French fries)

Garden Crunch Sandwich, shaved carrots, tomato, cucumber, romaine,
fresh mozzarella, sunflower seeds & fresh basil pesto…..8.50

Orto Sandwich, sautéed eggplant, bell pepper, zucchini, gorgonzola,
drizzled with balsamic reduction .…8.95

Topa Topa Sandwich, roasted chicken salad (lemon-caper aioli), lettuce
mix & avocado…..9.50 

Westside Sandwich, shredded, roasted chicken tossed in homemade
ranch, with bacon, romaine & fresh tomato…9.50

Oakview BBQ Chicken Sandwich, shredded, roasted chicken, BBQ sauce,
mozzarella, cilantro & jalapeno.....9.95

Sylvatica Sandwich, salmon salad(lemon-caper aioli), with red onion, romaine &

Panino Burgers
(all Burgers served on Ciabatta bread, with choice of side salad or french fries)

Basic Cheeseburger, ground beef patty, cheddar & ketchup…..8.95

Original Spin Burger, ground beef patty, fresh mozzarella, romaine, fresh tomato,
onion & mayo...9.95

Fun-Guy Burger, ground beef patty, mozzarella, sautéed mushrooms & onions…11.95

Modena Burger, ground beef patty, gorgonzola, arugula, red onion & Balsamic...11.95

Ventura Ave. Burger, ground beef patty, cheddar, jalapenos, bacon & avocado …11.95

Falafel Veggie Burger, falafel patty, goat cheese, tomato, onion, arugula, caper aioli &
fresh basil pesto....11.95

10” Pizza thin homemade flatbread
{we also offer rice pizza dough upon request & subject to availability + 1.50}
(although the pizza dough is gluten-free our kitchen is not so we can not guarantee 100% gluten-free)

Mozzarella Pizza, tomato sauce & mozzarella…8.95

Pepperoni Pizza, tomato sauce, mozzarella & pepperoni…..9.95

Mushroom Pizza, tomato sauce, mozzarella & mushrooms….9.95

Luna Piena Pizza, mozzarella, gorgonzola & parmesan,(no tomato sauce)....9.95

Capri Pizza, tomato sauce, mozzarella, sliced fresh tomato & basil....10.50

Giacomo Pizza, tomato sauce, mozzarella, artichoke & bacon....11.50

Veggie Pesto Pizza, basil pesto, fresh mozzarella, parmesan, olives, zucchini, eggplant,
bell peppers & broccoli...11.50

BBQ Chicken Pizza, BBQ sauce, mozzarella, chicken, onion, jalepeno &cilantro….11.95

Salvatore Pizza, tomato sauce, mozzarella, pork sausage, chili flakes & capers....11.95

Portofino Pizza, tomato sauce, goat cheese, shrimp, olives & red pepper flakes...14.95

Spaghetti, Fusilli, Fettuccine, Rigatoni or Angel Hair tossed with:
Regular size serves 1-2, Large serves 3-4  (spaghetti squash +rg.1.50 lg.2.50), (add chicken +rg.3,lg.5)

Olio e Aglio, olive oil & garlic:   reg. 8.95 .....large 14.95

Marinara, homemade tomato sauce:   reg. 9.95 .....large 15.95

Checca, garlic, fresh tomato & basil:   reg. 9.95 .....large 15.95

Rosa, tomato-cream sauce:   reg. 10.95 .....large 17.50

Alfredo, cream & parmesan sauce:   reg. 10.95 .....large 17.50

Pesto, fresh organic basil pesto:   reg. 10.95 .....large 17.50

Putanesca, spicy tomato sauce, olives & capers:   reg. 11.95 .....large 18.95

Boscaiola, tomato-cream sauce with onion & mushrooms:   reg. 12.95 .....large 19.95

Amatriciana, spicy tomato sauce, bacon, onions & parmesan:  reg. 12.95...large 19.95

DiStefano, tomatoes, arugula, garlic, olives & goat cheese:   reg. 13.50 ....large 20.50

Bolongese, homemade ground pasture raised beef ragout:   reg. 13.95 ....large 20.95

Lombarda, cream, spinach, bacon & gorgonzola cheese:   reg. 13.95 ....large 20.95

Etrusca, tomato sauce, homemade pork sausage & artichoke:  reg. 13.95...large 20.95

Siciliana, spicy tomato sauce, sautéed calamari, garlic, & olives:  reg. 14.95...lg. 24.95

Gamberini, shrimp, broccoli, tomatoes, red pepper, garlic & basil:  rg. 15.95...lg. 26.95

Fiordetto, lemon-cream sauce with salmon, capers & arugula:  reg. 15.95...lg. 26.95

Bambini Pasta, small portion with butter, pink or tomato sauce....7.95


Risotto alla Prataiola, parmesan cheese & sautéed mushrooms ...12.95 (add chicken + 3)

Risotto alle Verdure, broccoli, eggplant, bell peppers & zucchini...13.95

Risotto al Campagnolo, butternut squash, spinach, onion & goat cheese...14.95

Risotto alla Riviera, shrimp, olives, spinach & fresh tomatoes...16.95

Main Course  {price includes sautéed vegetables & french fries or side salad}

1 Leg & Thigh, fresh herb roasted chicken....8.95       2 Leg & Thigh....13.95

Pollo Marinato, grilled boneless, skinless chicken breast.…14.95

Chicken Parmesan, breaded, pan fried, boneless, skinless chicken breast topped
with tomato sauce, mozzarella & parmesan …15.95

Eggplant Parma, roasted eggplant with tomato sauce, mozzarella & parmesan…11.95

Sides, french fries…2.95,   small house salad…3.95,   sauteed vegetables.....4.50

desserts,  raspberry cheesecake……5.95,         chocolate fondant cake……6.95



11492 N Ventura Ave Ojai, CA 93023